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In 2016, we started exploring virtual reality technology and stayed for a long time. Over the years, the development of educational applications has become our main profession. We have successfully completed over 150 VR projects of various sizes.

In 2021, we introduced first version of our corporate training platform, Courz®. We know that virtual reality is an important technology for developing people's skills and talents. We believe that Courz® platform will be the next generation of corporate learning.

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Our vision

Make it easy
We are not looking for a complicated way, we create solutions to make it simple and convenient for you.
Best in class solutions
We believe that it is necessary to use up-to-date technologies and solutions in the work. Savings on this return at high costs in the future, proven by experience.
Multiple ways
We always show different options for the implementation of the project and openly report the strengths and weaknesses of all solutions.
Always in touch
In the shortest time we answer questions, give advice, solve the problem. We are always ready to help.

Our mission

To create software that makes education accessible, interesting and effective.

Our achievements

Over 150 VR/AR projects completed
Over 50,000 people have experienced VR with our solutions.
All of our projects were completed on time
Certified Vive Developer
Developed a VR learning platform
Launched the world's first 5G VR learning app

Our work rules

Clear terms
No surprises, clear and understandable workflows for all
Step by step
We do not make a mess at work, everything is according to plan
Always on time
We never missed deadlines in our projects
Always ready to chat
We are interested in all your questions and are ready to discuss any idea

Our products

Courz®: LMS
A learning management system specifically designed for virtual reality learning. Easy sync with corporate systems, cloud solution, pay only for use.
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Courz®: Ready-made courses
Catalog of ready-made training courses that work in VR, web and desktop app. Purchase and start training in a few clicks. Demo access for each course.
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When did Helmeton get started?
Our first project was a virtual reality club in 2016, which grew into a small development team and the first projects. A few years later, we became a full-fledged IT company that develops VR solutions for business.
Where is your company located?
Our headquarters is located in Walnut, CA. Our team operates from all over the world, and our main clients and partners are located in the US and Europe.
What projects did you do?
We have developed applications with virtual reality of various profiles: from children's games to large corporate VR platforms. Now we are focused on creating VR courses and developing our own solutions for corporate staff training.
What technologies do you use to develop?
Information about the technologies we use can be found on our home page.
Are you looking for new teammates?
We are always looking for great specialists. Please subscribe to our Linkedin and stay tuned for new vacancies.

Our team

Nick Anisimov
CEO, co-founder
Konstantin Ivanov
CTO, co-founder
Sasha Krylova
Head of Projects
Irina Ivashchinenko
Lead Project manager
Artem Okhota
Head of R&D department
Dina Krotyuk
Head of 3D department


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