Development of VR educational apps for soft skills

Why do we need educational VR applications for soft skills?

Development of VR educational apps for soft skills

The main advantage of VR training apps over other teaching methods is the deepest level of immersion in the situation. Thanks to VR, you can fully involve a person in the learning process and make it interesting. The human very quickly forgets that it is in a virtual world and begins to perceive what is happening as reality. Thus, the employee is trained and develops practical communication skills with others in various situations, and the employer can study his behavior and reactions using the given scenarios as an example. Additionally, each lesson is recorded and stored in the database, which allows you to return to any stage of training at any time and conduct a detailed analysis of mistakes or consolidate a successful result. Educational apps can be of different levels of complexity and include a theoretical part, testing, an exam, and working on mistakes.

Already now, a variety of VR formats allows to choose the most effective way to train employees: dialogue simulation, individual and group simulators, visualization and working out of complex stressful situations and emergencies, virtual negotiations or public speaking and presentations.

Areas of possible application of VR training

Conflict resolution

Training to work with difficult clients in virtual reality allows to better understand their motives and causes of conflict behavior, helps to find ways to resolve such problems, and increases the stress resistance of company employees. Such projects can be extremely useful for employees of trading floors during sales periods.

VR training can be applied in other areas where staff is faced with non-standard reactions of people. For example, US clinics have introduced VR training for doctors who have to communicate with patients who unreasonably refused to vaccinate their children and themselves against dangerous diseases.

Virtual exploration of locations

Thanks to modern technologies and the possibilities of combining virtual reality and 360° video, a potential employee, simply by putting on VR headset, can familiarize himself with the device of the most remote branches in advance, study his future workplace not on the diagram, but immersed in the location, study the location of departments and production workshops. In the future, virtual study of locations will help save time searching for the right premises, and employees of warehouses and stores can study the layout of materials and goods without getting up from the table.

Studying company regulations

Instead of reading documents, employees in a convenient interactive format can familiarize themselves with existing regulations, get to know employees of various departments, study the tasks they will be involved in, and conduct a test working day in an accelerated format without human intervention. Scientists have proven that information received in an interactive game format is better absorbed than from official documents.

Working out actions in case of emergency

The ability to make the virtual world close to a real emergency allows students to be placed in fully simulated emergency situations without harming their mental state. High–quality VR training allows employees to imagine what might happen during an emergency and learn how to respond to emergencies with less panic and more control. Thus, the student can work out the skills of behavior in emergencies in a convenient game format, work out various scenarios for the development of events, study all kinds of action patterns, solve complex problems not in a test from a textbook, but in real time, when each action starts a chain of consequences.


Usually training in negotiation and sales skills takes place through trainings, listening to lectures or reading literature with scripts, but in real life situations and recorded scripts often do not match, the interlocutor does not react according to the textbook, and young inexperienced specialists often get lost and eventually miss an important client. Thanks to VR employees can practice many different methods of approaching a person and learn different sales techniques, depending on the variety of scenarios and reactions of the interlocutor.

Business process optimization

With the advent of VR technology, it is possible to spread knowledge and scale the training and incorporation of new employees into work quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost for the work of HR specialists. Training employees in virtual reality provides a much greater involvement in the educational process than older technologies. Watching training presentations for several hours or listening to, recording, and memorizing introductory lectures is no longer relevant in an information-saturated world, especially for young professionals. In addition, it wastes the time of employees conducting training, and a lot of money for companies with many remote branches and high employee turnover. In this case, the costs of the training itself and the salaries of specialists are supplemented by large expenses for travel and accommodation of business travelers.

In companies with a heavy workload of staff often no time left for high-quality training of a young specialist. As a result, an employee, starting to work, does not have practical work skills, which affects the results of the entire company. The use of VR-learning in such companies helps to significantly reduce the cost and time for training, while improving its quality. If you have the necessary equipment (virtual reality headset) training can take place at the same time in different branches of the company. The infinity of possible training scenarios allows to work out all the possible activities that the student needs in future work. And an automated system for evaluating and recording all completed courses in a database helps to avoid the human factor when evaluating an exam or the possibility of cheating on testing.

Public speaking and presentations

Putting on virtual reality headset, the student can rehearse his speech or conduct a test presentation not in front of a mirror or colleagues who are forced to listen to the same information several times, but in front of a full hall, which allows to develop the ability to hold the attention of the public and can help in overcoming the fear of public speeches.

Corporate 360° videos

A high-quality 360° corporate video helps an employee get to know the management and top managers, learn about the values ​​and goals of the company, and plunge into its corporate life. We're all used to 2D introductory videos, but they don't always manage to captivate people. Many are distracted by third-party things and miss part of what is happening on the screen. When using 360° video, this problem is solved: it is hard to look away from what is happening on the screen when you are “inside” the video.

If this is a welcome video from the director of the company or the head of the department, VR headset create the effect of a personal meeting, while introductory videos about the future place of work, you can immediately assess the working conditions and get an idea about the workplace, the surrounding space, and colleagues. Combining different formats of 360° video and VR effects, we can immerse an employee in the history of the company not in words but send them back in time in a time machine, introduce them to corporate events and show, for example, office employees how an industrial enterprise function.

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