Why is 360 video useful for business?

How to use 360 video effectively for your business

Why is 360 video useful for business?

How 360 Video can be used for business?

Nowadays, virtual reality technologies are actively being introduced into business, VR developments are used for marketing purposes, in education, for onboarding, and also for interacting with customers. 360 video is one of the simplest and yet spectacular virtual reality formats. In this article, we will talk about the features of the format and find out how to properly apply it in business.

Thanks to the all-round view, video 360 provides the maximum effect of presence: it immerses the viewer in an interactive space, providing the ability to independently control the viewing angle. Thus, each user becomes not just a spectator, but a full-fledged participant in the action.

Video 360 solved several problems at once:

·       Significantly increase the attractiveness of the created content;

·       Provide a high degree of involvement of the target audience;

·       Allow content to be enriched with additional information.

·       Provide attention to the audience, regardless of the remoteness and degree of user employment;

·       Significantly save the financial resources and internal resources of the company;

·       Reduce to a minimum the logistical costs that are inevitable in face-to-face meetings, presentations and meetings.

360 video for VR: where does it apply?

Panoramic 360 video can solve the vast majority of business tasks related to content visualization. It could be a virtual tour of your facility or a 360 construction report for partners or prospective buyers, a virtual reality education video, a museum tour or a VR commercial.

Virtual excursion in video 360 format

A virtual, but detailed and detailed demonstration of an object (museum, factory, hotel, natural or architectural landmark) can be created both for internal use and for a wide audience. There are many examples of application: from demonstrating the intricacies of production and obtaining related information about the infrastructure to visualizing the benefits of the advertised object and virtual exploration of the selected area.

Video 360 for promotion and advertising

The use of panoramic video in the advertising segment allows each viewer to be in the center of events and view the product from all sides. According to the latest research, advertising videos in 360 format in 90% of cases are watched to the end by the viewer. Video 360 has already used brands such as Nike, Samsung, Oreo, BMW, McDonald's and others in their advertising campaigns.

Event shooting in 360 video format

Panoramic video allows you to capture an important event from a different angle: the specifics of an event video (corporate events and meetings, concerts, sports competitions) involves demonstrating not only the main action, but also the audience's reaction to what is happening, including feedback from the audience that remains behind the scenes with standard video.

Educational and educational 360 videos

The 360 video format is particularly popular in corporate education. Panoramic video can significantly save time and simplify logistics by remotely providing access to the infrastructure of the enterprise. Thanks to the implemented VR technologies, employees will be able to receive a full-fledged safety training, get acquainted with the goals and objectives of the company, gain access to remote enterprises, develop the necessary behavior in working with customers, master new skills, etc. Such technologies help to significantly reduce the training time, involve employees in interacting with new material and save the budget. In addition, VR technology significantly increases motivation for the learning process.

Where to place and how to watch 360 videos

The most effective way to immerse yourself in virtual reality is to use a special helmet or VR glasses that allow you to see the content in 3D format. They are able to minimize the distance between the image and the viewer, immersing him in the epicenter of what is happening.

But there are also simpler and more budgetary methods of demonstration - this is the placement of a panoramic video on platforms that support this technology (YouTube, Facebook, Fulldive VR, etc.).

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