Why is the future of VR learning in ready-made solutions?

Why ready-made solutions will win development from scratch

Why is the future of VR learning in ready-made solutions?

Universal VR simulators are simulations in a virtual environment designed for effective training in various areas.

Training staff using virtual reality significantly reduces company costs. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, consumables, prepare the premises, pay for the work of expensive lecturers, or organize the transfer of staff to the place of study. Also, the learning process becomes safer, and realism increases the staff’s serious attitude towards learning, which means it helps to quickly learn the material. VR provides unique opportunities for learning but making the technology accessible to businesses is essential.

VR today is an expensive one-time project. The technology is available only to large customers, development takes a lot of time, courses cannot be edited and scaled on their own, which means that when regulations change, the whole project suddenly becomes irrelevant, and the customer company becomes dependent on the developer company.

The current market need is to have effective VR courses that can be updated and expanded, and this need can be addressed by creating a designer with an infrastructure for creating and managing VR courses.

VR constructor allows you to independently create a training program. This is important for companies that are constantly introducing new technologies and regulations, as well as when working with classified information in order not to transfer materials to a third-party customer.

A simple VR constructor with wide functionality provides a variety of 3D objects, effects and animations, a dialog editor and a logic chain constructor, which will allow you to create unique projects at the initial stage without special programming knowledge and preliminary development of objects. Constructors will be relevant in the activities of organizations in various fields. The simplicity of the solution makes it easy to master the VR Constructor application even for a beginner.

Our company develops VR solutions for corporate and professional training based on the Courz® modular platform. The platform allows saving up to 45% on the development and use of an edited VR project.

In addition to saving development resources, the Courz® platform offers the following advantages:

·      Intuitive interface: you don't have to be a development expert to work.

·      Easy content management: huge library of 3D objects, animations and effects.

·      Launch content on any device: it is not necessary to purchase a separate VR headset for a project.

·      Flexible configuration of roles and accesses: the administrator can add and remove employees, assign courses for mandatory completion.

·      Automatic analytics: the application collects and uploads information about training and test results in a convenient format.

·      Learning logic constructor: you can set the sequence of actions and choices.

·      Training and technical support: with the software you get technical support and guidance materials for the administrator.

·      All in One App: everything you need to manage courses is in one app.

Thus, our platform solution has all the necessary functions for successful work, and this is where we see the future of the VR education market.

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