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Our experience shows that in 80% of corporate training projects there is no need to develop a VR application from scratch. It is much better to start learning in virtual reality with ready-made courses or a template. This is how we came up with the idea to create a solution that makes it easy, convenient and inexpensive to integrate VR courses into corporate processes.

Our flagship product: Courz®

Courz® is a platform to buy, manage and edit VR courses.
It is a new generation solution for corporate training.

Courz® tools

Courz®: LMS
A learning management system specifically designed for virtual reality learning. Easy sync with corporate systems, cloud solution, pay only for use.
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Courz®: Ready-made courses
Catalog of ready-made training courses that work in VR, web and desktop app. Purchase and start training in a few clicks. Demo access for each course.
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