Courz®: LMS
A learning management system specifically designed for virtual reality learning. Easy sync with corporate systems, cloud solution, pay only for use.

Why Courz® LMS?

Courz® LMS is specifically designed to work with virtual reality, but can also work as a web-based solution. Easily exchanges data with popular corporate systems and can be connected to your current LMS. To get started, you just need to sign up. Pay only for use, demo access is free, technical support is always in touch.
Cloud based
All-in-one solution
Works on any devices
Remote control and content update
Data collection and processing
Tailoring to your needs


Works with most popular VR glasses
You do not depend on suppliers of VR equipment, Courz® LMS is integrated with any courses.
Easy integration with other systems via API
If you already have an LMS, you can simply link them to Courz® via the API for full data sharing.
Course catalog access and instant purchase
Instant purchase of courses online and start training in 15 minutes, it is very simple.
Works with classic web or desktop courses
Run courses not only in VR, but also in LMS or through a special desktop application.

How to start?

Step 1
Registration on the Courz® platform
Step 2
Filling out the profile, buying the necessary courses
Step 3
Add students and start learning
Step 4
Adding new products and training courses


What is LMS?
LMS - a learning management system for administration, editing training courses and materials, setting up access and collecting analytics.
Why is an LMS needed?
LMS is needed to manage all educational process in the company, from creating access for students to managing educational materials. LMS is a must-have tool for training company employees.
Why do we need Courz® LMS, if we already have our own?
Courz® LMS was created specifically for learning through virtual reality. At the same time, Courz® LMS is easily integrated with other software via the API, so it can become part of your current corporate information system. Courz® LMS also works with classic courses, supporting employee training through a browser or desktop application.
What are the advantages of your LMS?
Courz® platform allows you to purchase ready-made courses and start the learning process in a few clicks . You pay only for using the platform, everything is in the cloud, access anywhere without the risk of data loss. VR training has never been so easy and affordable for businesses.
How much is it?
The cost of the platform depends on the number of users and courses purchased. You can see the cost of licenses in the Courz® user account.
How to start using LMS?
You can sign up and start using Courz® LMS right now.


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