Courz®: Ready-made courses
Catalog of ready-made training courses that work in VR, web and desktop app. Purchase and start training in a few clicks. Demo access for each course.

Why Courz® Ready-made courses?

Courz® Ready-made course is the first catalog of full-fledged VR training courses for the development of soft and hard skills of employees. With demo access, you can easily understand which courses are best for you. All courses have integration with Courz® LMS, but can exchange data with your information system. Courses work in several modes (VR, web and desktop), download free updates, and technical support will quickly answer all your questions.
Start training with a few clicks
Extremely low cost
Various training modes
Multiple languages


Courses ready to go
No need to set up anything, just pay for the course and choose the form of study.
VR, web and desktop versions of courses available
Learn comfortably and without restrictions in any form.
Flexible settings
Flexible privacy and analytics system, remote updates and many other settings for courses.
Easy integration with other systems via API
If you already have an LMS, you can simply link them to CourzVR courses via the API for full data sharing.

Example projects

Job description and knowledge check
Training in job descriptions, analysis of popular questions, knowledge testing.
Training, testing and exam modes
Results report
Open virtual world as a digital copy of the office
Recording and saving the results of training and testing
Fire safety course
Training in fire safety rules with simulation of evacuation. A course with a visualization of the company's office and the opportunity to start from your real workplace.
Digital copy of a real object
Non-linear course scenarios
Results report
Interactive elements within a course

How to start?

Step 1
Registration on the Courz® platform
Step 2
Filling out the profile, buying the necessary courses
Step 3
Add students and start learning
Step 4
Adding new products and training courses


What are Courz® Ready-made courses?
Courz® Ready-made course is the first catalog of full-fledged VR training courses for the development of soft and hard skills of employees.
How does it work?
Sign up or login to Courz® platform, complete your account and go to the catalog and select the required license. Then add other students or administrators to work with the course. Finally, launch the course in VR glasses, desktop application or through a browser.
What are the advantages of Courz® Ready-made course?
You can start learning in a few clicks, it's very cheap, demo mode is available. The courses are integrated with the LMS, accessed at any time, work as a cloud solution with subscription payments only for the courses used. Several learning modes, tips and tricks for learning, free updates, learning not only in VR, but also on a regular computer. And that's just a short list of the benefits of Courz® Ready-made courses.
How much is a license for a typical course?
The cost of the license depends on the course and the number of users (students). You can find out the cost of courses in the catalog in your personal account.
How long does it take to start working with your courses?
You can start using courses within minutes of purchasing them. Buying a course will take a couple of minutes, about 10 more minutes to create and fill out a personal account. Total for 15 minutes after reading this text.
Is there a trial mode for studying the course without a purchase?
All our courses have a trial mod.


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