Developing VR solutions for education, marketing and healthcare
Virtual reality technology is most effective for teaching, object visualization and product presentation. Depending on the goals, we offer the use of our ready-made products or development from scratch.

Corporate training

VR for onboarding
VR is a new tool that allows you to tell new employees about the values, people and plans of the company. Virtual reality can take people to a new digital world and show them inside factories, warehouses, offices. Corporate VR games are also great for newcomers to get to know the company.
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VR for soft skills
Thanks to the ability to create any situation or dialogue in virtual reality, such simulations allow employees to effectively develop their soft skills. Model any business process, now it can be trained in VR.
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VR for hard skills
Training an employee to work with complex equipment is a long, expensive and often dangerous process. VR-learning makes this process accessible, simple and easy. Now you can train employees in a virtual simulation in a detailed virtual copy of the equipment, and test their knowledge without risk.
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360° Video
360-degree video allows you to watch the world through video as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. This is especially important when we talk about the process of distance learning, when you are practically transported to a place of real learning. 360-degree video is needed to create incredible VR trips and tutorials.
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Safety VR courses for industry
VR courses have become a classic tool for teaching industrial safety. Thanks to the immersive effect, VR creates a copy of a real emergency situation, so learning comes through experience, not theory.
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Safety VR courses for warehouses and offices
VR courses on fire safety rules in offices and warehouses are becoming the new standard for corporate training. Employees get not only experience of behavior in emergency situations, but also the opportunity to learn material through the game, which is always more interesting.
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Marketing and sales

VR for customer education
Teaching your customers how to work with complex products can sometimes be difficult. VR is a great help to understand the operation and maintenance of complex equipment. You can provide access to VR training remotely, just download the application.
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VR for visualization
Some products or services cannot be physically shown to the client, are too large or require modification. You can use VR to visualize these products and their configuration. This will not only allow your customers to see the product, but also to try it.
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VR/AR for marketing
Use the unlimited possibilities of virtual and augmented reality technologies to visualize your products and services. Increase sales, grow in the metaverse, offer digital versions of your products.
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VR for children
Virtual reality has no limits, which is why children love it so much. In VR, you can turn lessons into adventures, conduct incredible experiments without risk to health, and explore complex devices. The educational process can be in any format, but it will definitely be more interesting with VR.
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VR for students
Students often lack real practice and understanding of their future profession. Virtual reality allows students to immerse themselves in real business processes and start learning in practice, not just theory.
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The medicine

VR for healthcare
We create virtual reality courses for psychological support and VR simulations for rehabilitation after injuries or chronic illnesses. Virtual reality recovery programs may consist of games and other exercises.
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How we work

Working on the new project we always focus on the key goal. Depending on the task, we offer to create a course from scratch or use a ready-made solution, including our Courz® platform. Using ready-made courses and templates, you can save up to 90% of your time and budget. Our developers work with all modern VR headsets and will help you choose the best one for your project.
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