360° Video
360° video creates a presence effect and puts viewers in the very center of the action. This format allows you to look around and see the whole picture.

Why is a 360° video different from a normal video?

Immersion effect
360° video puts a viewer «‎inside the frame»‎ and provides an opportunity for an all-round view.
Less distractions
360° video helps increase engagement and focus.
Better memorability
360° video provides an emotional experience and interactive learning opportunities.
Powerful presentation
New opportunities for product and company demonstration.

Why is 360° video necessary?

360° video gives you a whole new level of immersion when watching videos. When watching 360° Video in VR glasses, we see the picture as if with our own eyes. Thanks to this, we can not only look around on our own, but also feel the effect of immersion. That is why 360° video is especially effective for distance learning and virtual tours.
Especially efficient
Heavy industry
Oil and gas companies
Service companies
Chemical companies

Learning Opportunities

Job descriptions
Soft skills development

Developing steps

Step 1
Discussion of the task, filling out the brief.
Step 2
Preparation of the script, discussion of the integration of 2D/3D effects.
Step 3
Writing the final terms of reference along with the script.
Step 4
Shooting, editing, and adding graphics if necessary.
Step 5
Rendering and viewing the first version of the video.
Step 6
Making corrections if necessary, rendering video in high quality.


What is 360° video?
360° video is a special content format used for virtual reality glasses. This type of content creates the feeling that the viewer is inside the video, as you see the environment around you as if with your own eyes and can look around on your own.
How much does a 360° video cost? 
The cost depends on the terms of reference and the complexity of the project. We can give a basic estimate of the project based on the brief that you fill out. You can get it by contacting us via the feedback form.
How long does it take to create a 360° video? 
It depends on the filming location and content. If the duration of the video is no more than a minute, then a 360° video can be shot and edited in a couple of days. If you need to add 2D/3D graphics, it can take up to one month.
How is 360° video different from 2D video?
We watch ordinary videos on a flat screen, it does not surround us from all sides and has borders. 360° video has a 360-degree viewing angle and allows us to choose what we will watch, as we see what is happening as if with our own eyes. This content format is an easy way to get a realistic picture and put the viewer “inside the frame”.
Do you have ready-made solutions for 360° video?
Usually, 360° videos are unique content. You can download stock footage, but there aren't many free options and paid footage is very limited. Buying ready-made content may not be cheaper than shooting your own.
What is 360° video used for?
360° video can be used for education, onboarding, visualization of objects and technologies, excursions, and tours. This technology allows you to take a person to any place and show various phenomena, which provides endless opportunities for remote education and travel.

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