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Virtual reality tools for better corporate education, marketing and healthcare. Development from scratch and ready-made solutions.

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Ready-made courses, templates and development from scratch for any industry
  • Corporate training
  • Safety (HSE)
  • School education
  • University education
  • Marketing, sales, events.
  • Rehabilitation

How we can help

Development from scratch Ready-made solutions

Development from scratch is necessary for companies with a specific task that cannot be a standard ready-made solution

Development from scratch is the realization of all your ideas. When creating a project roadmap, we take into account all the tasks, goals and wishes for the project. At the same time, development from scratch is much more expensive than ready-made solutions, and the time for product implementation is much longer.

We will need your team of professionals who will actively participate in the development of the project, without such support, the project cannot be made from scratch.

We recommend developing from scratch if:
  • You have an understanding of the course objectives and required content.
  • You have a specific learning task that other companies don't usually have.
  • You have a team with the necessary knowledge that can help us develop the project.
We do NOT recommend developing from scratch if:
  • You just want to try VR learning.
  • Your company has a small project budget.
  • You do not have a team that will help us develop the project.

Quick, simple, cheap and effective.

Ready-made solutions are the best solution if you want to use virtual reality for learning. Even if you have really unique learning challenges, you can start using ready-made solutions to understand VR and then start developing your project from scratch.

Our experience shows that ready-made solutions often become a much better solution than developing from scratch, as ready-made courses are tested, customized and proven to be effective. Development from scratch carries great risks in the form of high costs and the creation of an inefficient course.

We recommend ready-made solutions if:
  • You want to know what VR training is.
  • You have a standard training task.
  • You have a limited budget for the project.
We DO NOT recommend ready-made solutions if:
  • You want to make changes to courses regularly.
  • You have a specific and unique training task, and there is no ready-made solution for you.
  • You have a brilliant idea for a VR course.


What does your company do?
Our team develops virtual reality applications for education, marketing and healthcare.
How much does a VR app cost when developing from scratch?
The exact cost of the application is determined only on the basis of the requirements specification. We will be able to tell you the approximate price of the project after receiving a completed project brief from you.
What determines the cost of a project in a development from scratch?
The final cost of the project depends on a large number of factors, first of all, the amount of content in the application is of great importance. The quality and quantity of computer graphics (3D models), their animations, scripts and sound effects also influence. For an accurate estimate of the cost of the project, a detailed terms of reference indicating all the elements of the course is required, of course, we will help you prepare it.
Why does business need VR?
VR courses allow you to improve the learning process of employees and develop soft and hard skills. VR learning is also effective for school and university education. Virtual reality technology is actively used in marketing to visualize goods, open virtual stores, and create entertainment content for the user. In healthcare, virtual reality helps to train staff and carry out the rehabilitation process for patients.
Do you have ready-made VR solutions?
Yes, we have developed a platform for corporate training Courz®, which has a catalog of ready-made courses, an LMS system and allows you to remotely manage content.
How long does it take to develop a VR app from scratch?
Application development time depends on its complexity. The minimum term for developing a VR application is 1 calendar month. We recommend that you start using ready-made solutions, such applications can be launched in 15 minutes.

Effectiveness of VR Learning*

*Based on PwC report. Research shows that VR is more effective than classical learning tools for memorizing material.
4 times
faster learning process is with VR than classroom learning.
275% more
confident in their skills students are after VR learning.
3.7 times
more emotionally connected to the subject being studied.
Up to 4 times
people are more focused while learning in VR.


Unity — A cross-platform game engine that allows you to create apps that run on more than 25 different platforms.
Unreal Engine — A game engine that allows you to create games and apps for most operating systems and platforms, as well as for various portable devices.
Machine Learning — Python is a programming language that can be used to train artificial intelligence to develop analytics tools and recommendations.
PHP+JS — Programming languages for developing web apps.
OpenXR — Standard for access to virtual and augmented reality platforms and devices.
Blender — Software for creating and animating 3D graphics.




HTC Vive Pro
Wired VR headset from HTC. Recommended for projects that require a photorealistic level of graphics. 
Oculus Quest 2
Virtual reality headset from Meta (Facebook). A wireless headset with a low price and high specifications‎.
Pico Neo 3
6 DoF virtual reality headset from Pico Interactive. This VR device has high technical characteristics and one of the lowest prices among analogs. 
Vive Focus 3
The third-generation VR headset from HTC. One of the few standalone headsets on the market. It has a 5K resolution display, wide viewing angle, and high performance. 
Pico G2
3 DoF VR headset from Pico Interactive. The high-quality display is well suited for 360° video viewing as well as for simple low-poly apps.
Valve Index
Wired VR headset with wide viewing angle and high frame rate. This is a high-end device for apps with photorealistic graphics. 
HP Reverb G2
Virtual reality headset from HP Corporation. The wired headset has a display with a resolution of more than 4K. The device is working on the Windows Mixed Reality platform.
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New project roadmap

Step 1
Let's start by discussing your goals and objectives.
Step 2
Prepare the technical task and project documentation.
Step 3
Conclusion of a contract and start of project development.
Step 4
Testing the alpha version and making changes if necessary.
Step 5
Bug fixing and final testing.
Step 6
The project is finished, it's time to start a new one!

A few words about us

We have been working with virtual reality since 2016, creating educational applications for adults and children. We love technologies that make our lives more interesting, brighter and help us move forward. That's why we love VR.

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